Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Highlights Release Notes - January 15, 2016

Bug Fixes

Can't send Focused Browsing to Group from Activity Viewer or Snaps page
Teachers can now send Focused Browsing session to a Group from the Activity Viewer and Snaps pages.

Access to dictionary.reference.com blocked during Focused Browsing to dictionary.com
The website dictionary.com automatically redirects to dictionary.reference.com. When a teacher Focused Browses to dictionary.com the students should be allowed access to dictionary.reference.com. An issue meant Highlights was not handling this case. This issue has been fixed.

Sundry small style improvements to the user interface of Highlights.


Highlights displays pdfs opened in Chrome
A student can open a downloaded pdf in a Chrome tab. Highlights now displays the pdfs opened by students in Chrome in the Browser Tabs, Activity Viewer and Current Screens panes.

Focused Browsing "Restore tabs after Release" checkbox ticked by default
When a teacher opens the Focused Browsing panel, the "Restore tabs after Release" checkbox is now checked by default.

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