Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Dashboard Release Notes - January 6, 2016


Automation including Archiving

Made improvements to the archival processes to automatically retry execution in case the process experiences any issues to reduce the need for manual intervention.

Dashboard classes are now locked down during Archiving

Dashboard will now display a message and will restrict access to classes for schools that are undergoing archiving.  As a result teachers or admins will have access to classes that are being archived.  This is to prevent errors that may arise when users inadvertently use Dashboard when archiving is in progress for a particular class.

Bug Fixes

  • Re-enabled access to Archive Classes for Administrators.  This will be enabled for schools that have requested archival so they can initiate it at the appropriate time.
  • Archived Folders now retain student names on Drive folders after they are archived.
  • Fixed an issue where folders were sometimes being duplicated during archiving.
  • Fixed an issue where some students were not set to read-only access for their archived folders.
  • Fixed a problem in archiving where the archive was set as complete even when there were outstanding archive issues that needed to be resolved.

Data Loader Improvements

The Data Loader Status screen has been simplified to make it easier to interpret Data loads.  Key changes are:
  • The Load Summary table now shows a single row per Data Load file that has been uploaded.
  • New icons appear in the Details column of the Load Summary table to indicate status of the file processing.
  • Introduced filtering on Load Details table.  Default display is to show only Errors and Warnings to make it easier to review issues.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with Smart Share where Teachers were not granted edit access to a file if they already had read-only access on that file.  Now as per standard Smart Share behavior the teachers will have edit access for 60 minutes after which the previous permissions will be restored.

  • Fixed an issue with Smart Share where a spinning wheel was displayed constantly next to File Title when a teacher created a new file to Smart Share with their students.

  • Fixed an issue with the refresh rate on document thumbnails.

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